BeesThe ladies football team is part of the V.V. Wilhemus international division and is the only expat ladies team in the region Den Haag, Rotterdam and Leiden. The team consists of a mix of cultures with women from over ten different countries, including The Netherlands.

The age, experience and level of the players varies – some women have played nearly all of their lives, and some had never kicked a football before until joining the team. Our youngest player just reached the age where she is allowed to play in adult competition and some of our older players take their children along to the games on Saturday.

We play competitive football in the Dutch league and play games almost every Saturday. Our shirt colors are black and yellow, hence our nicknames, the Bees, the Stinging Bees and the Bumblebees. The nicknames have become our trademark on the pitches.

We’re always looking for new players to join us. Feel free to join us for a couple of training sessions to see whether football is something for you!

Regular training nights are every Wednesday at 20:00 at the Wilhelmus Football Club.

During the months June and July there are no regular trainings as the season ends in May. We do however have “summer football” during those months on Wednesdays at 19:30 where we play friendly matches of 8 vs 8 on half a pitch. The rule of thumb is that the first 40 people are guaranteed a spot in a team. If you are late, you get a spot on the “we are late and therefore should be ashamed” team :-). Advise is to be there at 19:00. Summer football is open to everyone and you can ask for Mark Knight when you arrive.

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